At Yobiminds we supports data scientists by providing effective solutions for big data handling. We provide tailored quality code for data analysis from any source format as well as code development, computing facilities and safe big data storage.

Our goal is to provide our customers with artificial intelligence that can be enhanced by human intelligence at the user level.
Created in 2015, Yobiminds combines over 30 years of programming and data handling expertise for outstanding services.

YobiLens: Revolutionary Data Visualization

We are developing a revolutionary approach for data-user interaction exploiting information visualization concepts, such as Intense Data Analysis.
YobiLens is an interactive 3D environment modifying and enhancing the way data is displayed and analysed.
Compared to state-of-the-art software, YobiLens is simpler and faster, empowering users to move through the data in real time. Similarly to the way subliminal images are processed by the brain, this exciting approach will exploit the user’s brain higher bandwidth to process and identify data of interest.
If you are a user looking for alternatives approaches to look at your data, or if you would like to product development, please contact us.


Coding: Fortran, Python, Perl, Xojo

We pride ourselves on providing quality coding services in common programing languages.
Yobiminds develops scientific parallel or serial Fortran code. We also debug and upgrade from F77 to F90 as well as adapting code to run on High Power Computing Sites).
In Python and Perl we develop scientific quality code as well as numerical or graphical routines. We produce tailored modules for researchers and develop databases interfaces.
With Xojo, we create Web or desktop based multiplatform (iOS, Linux, Windows) user interfaces to gain control over data and systems.